Spelling Bee

6th Annual Scripps Spelling Bee

South Cook Intermediate Service Center and Commonwealth Edison are in a joint partnership to sponsor the Annual and Regional Scripps Spelling Bees for the three Intermediate Service Centers (ISCs); South Cook, North Cook and West 40.

Any school district within the service areas of the ISCs can participate in the Annual and Regional Scripps Spelling Bee events provided it has registered and enrolled with the Scripps National Spelling Bee Headquarters.

All school district spelling bees must be held prior to the end of January, 2016 and only one student from each district can be sent to the 6th Annual ISC Scripps Spelling Bee.  Spelling Bee deadline for submission of district winner registration information is January 28, 2016.

The District Winner Registration Form must be submitted for the Regional Spelling Bee. If your Spelling Bee Coordinator has not received this information, please contact:

Margot J. Fennelly South Cook ISC Grant Spelling Bee Coordinator mfennelly@s-cook.org

All information is updated and available on the Scripps National Spelling Bee web page at www.spellingbee.com

2016 Spelling Bee Flyer

Good luck to our spellers!                                                           spelling bee graphic