Squeeze ‘N ReadsTM

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Squeeze ‘N Reads are a multi-sensory tool designed to teach students to use, apply and internalize reading comprehension strategies. Squeeze ‘N Reads complement classroom instruction and engage students as they apply comprehension strategies to text.

Reading Comprehension Strategies

Squeeze ‘N Reads reinforce the following Reading Comprehension Strategies for the student:

Squeeze 'N Reads flowchart - how it works

  • Use Fix-Up Strategies
  • Activate Background Knowledge
  • Make Connections
  • Question the Text
  • Visualize
  • Predict
  • Make Inferences
  • Retell
  • Determine Importance
  • Synthesize

Squeeze ‘N Reads:

  • Increase student motivation
  • Keep students engaged in their own learning
  • Anchor comprehension strategies
  • Activate sensory learning and retention

Squeeze ‘N Reads can be used before, during and after reading instruction to introduce, reinforce and review the strategies. Squeeze ‘N Reads are versatile and can be used in a variety of instructional formats, including:

  • Whole group
  • RtI interventions
  • Small groups
  • Individual
  • Guided Reading

Download Squeeze ‘N Reads Order Form (PDF)