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Writing Matters (Foundational Services)
Jun 12, 2017
Common Core Standards and Instructional Strategies
This resource-rich professional development will provide educators with instructional practices to implement the New Illinois Learning Standards for Writing. The Writing Matters website will be used to facilitate the various writing tasks necessary to meet the standards and prepare for PARCC. Strategies and resources will be shared. All teams will leave with a plan to effectively share the information with other educators at their building and district level. PLEASE BRING AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE. This program is fully (100%) funded by the United States Department of Education using No Child Left Behind, Title I Part A Funds ($3,920,000.00), through a grant from the Illinois State Board of Education, Statewide System of Support funds.
Carrie Piet
South Cook ISC 4
25.00     Time:   9:00AM to 3:00PM