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Formative Assessment of English Language Progress
Sep 26, 2018
School Improvement
Participants will develop a strong foundation and understanding for critical role of ongoing formative assessment for language learners. Participants will learn a range of approaches to assess their students’ progress towards higher levels of language proficiency goals that are aligned to state assessment proficiency definitions. Hands on instruction and assessment strategies will be modeled and utilized throughout the institute, and participants will plan for ways to incorporate formative and self-assessment into their plans during the day. This workshop is designed for teachers, coaches, and administrators who serve language learners. Topics include: · Understand research-based formative assessment practices · Explore the conditions that increase student engagement and academic gains · Investigating authentic paths to collect evidence of content and language learning · Planning feedback opportunities for students on their learning To
Alexandra Guilamo
South Cook ISC 4
175.00     Time:   9:00AM to 3:00PM