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OFFSITE: SD#149 - On Demand Prose Constructed Response (PCR) Narrative Response FS
Apr 24, 2018 ; Apr 25, 2018
Common Core Standards and Instructional Strategies
**** Participants will gain experience in selecting appropriate narrative text based on the Common Core Lexile grade level bands and PARCC word length guidelines. Paricipants will learn how to use the PARCC released items and Narrative Writing Standand 3 to create a writing prompt similar to a PARCC Prose Constructed Response question type. An interactive flow chart will be used to guide participants through the process of text selection, question writing, instructional delivery and student reponse. Paricipants are urged to bring a grade level literary text (passage, audio clip,or excerpt).
Jill Liapis
0.00     Time:   2:30PM to 4:30PM