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Promoting Socio-culturally Just Practices & Pedagogy for Equity & Achievement
Oct 02, 2018
School Improvement
As record achievement gaps are reported across the country for diverse student groups, schools must work together to explore and analyze issues of inequitable/inaccessible resources and instruction, and how issues of race, culture, language, and identity create educational doors or barriers for our students. If schools are to change this narrative, misconceptions about students assets (rather than their deficits), social norms, and academic achievement must be rooted in a deeper understanding of the role that bias (both blatant and invisible) plays in the academic success of each student. This session will help educators understand sociocultural-linguistic biases in order to design more effective practices, materials, and engaging experiences, that build from learners’ assets and lead to student growth.
Alexandra Guilamo
South Cook ISC 4
175.00     Time:   8:30AM to 3:00PM