Showing event(s) happening on: November 09, 2018
Essential Strategies in Standards-Based Unit Planning for Language Learner Achievement: Grades 9-12
Nov 09, 2018
School Improvement
Participants will build a bank of strategically matched strategies to support how they ensure mastery of the CCSS/NGSS/SS Standards and the ELD Standards. These sheltering strategies help participants to plan highly rigorous and differentiated standards-based units of instruction which integrate content and language learning. Participants will engage in identifying the level of mastery, identifying the necessary academic language embedded in state standards, and designing a targeted unit of instruction that meets the needs of the students they serve by accurately matching appropriate sheltering strategies. Participants will further develop ways to support and differentiate for struggling students and the language development of ELLs. Teams will have opportunities to develop materials and are encouraged to bring curriculum materials and a range of student data.
Alexandra Guilamo
South Cook ISC 4
175.00     Time:   8:30AM to 3:00PM