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AA # 1597: Improved Crisis Decision Making for Safer School Environments
Feb 07, 2019
Administrative/Teacher Leadership
Participants will learn best practices strategy to respond to student escalations, fights, armed assailants, fires, outside emergencies, event planning and other critical events through scenarios and exercises. This experiential learning course is intended to improve the decision making and actions steps taken by school staff to improve their operational excellence in the Illinois Performance Standards for School Leaders in the criteria areas of II Leading and Managing Systems Change (A and B) and VI Creating and Sustaining a Culture of High Expectations (C). Experiential learning will include multiple table top scenarios and exercises using the learning strategy 'Think, Pair, Share' that participants must work through their thoughts and actions on their own, with a partner, and finally a larger group discussion facilitated by the instructor. Through a high level of classroom participation, participants will learn how to improve their own responses to critical events, as well as strategies to train their staff. This course has a 2 hour pre-workshop online activity.
John Heiderscheidt
South Cook ISC 4
225.00     Time:   8:30AM to 3:30PM