Showing event(s) happening on: October 28, 2019
Gifted Education Seminar
Oct 28, 2019 ; Nov 18, 2019 ; Jan 13, 2020 ; Feb 03, 2020
Special Education
****This program invites classroom teachers to deepen understanding of how to teach and reach gifted and talented students. The goal of the training, "Teachers will be able to create an environment to identify gifted and talented learners, address their diverse needs and measure student growth in the classroom," will be accomplished through the exploration of topics including perspectives of gifted, knowing the gifted, curriculum models and differentiation. Participants will undertake additional assignments to satisfy the 45-hour requirements of the course. PARTICIPANTS MUST BRING HEADPHONES & A LAPTOP TO THE WORKSHOP (IPADS WILL NOT WORK).
Sheryl Gallaher
South Cook ISC 4
395.00     Time:   9:00AM to 3:00PM