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AA 1785: Change, Culture, and Communication in Illinois Public Schools
Aug 08, 2019
Administrative/Teacher Leadership
Many schools across Illinois are facing significant changes in their student demographics especially in regards to race/ethnicity, language, and social class. What isn't changing are the characteristics of their teachers, staffs, and administrators which are still largely white, female, middle class, and English speaking. This academy will assist educational leaders to achieve the following: 1. Development of a comprehensive understanding of demographic changes nationally and locally. 2. Identification and location of best practices for closing the achievement gap in their school or district. 3. Incorporation of Nonviolent/Compassionate Communication strategies into every day language of all school stakeholders. Participants are expected to complete the pre-session activity of reviewing their school/districts demographic and achievement data over the last five years. They should be ready to discuss in detail their findings as related to their annual yearly progress.
Dr. J. Q. Adams
South Cook ISC 4
225.00     Time:   8:30AM to 3:30PM