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Trauma Informed Classrooms
Oct 03, 2019
Common Core Standards and Instructional Strategies
This training will provide participants an opportunity to explore the brain and understand the effects of trauma on its development. Participants will engage in an in-depth study on ACES, (adverse childhood experiences), and should leave with a greater understanding of what can be done in the classroom to increase protective factors amongst their students while minimizing risk factors. This workshop will alsol provide participants with tangible, in-depth strategies to mitigate the effects of trauma on adolescents. Participants will determine what they can provide in the classroom to help develop resiliency while taking a proactive approach to classroom management. An examination of the 6 Core Strengths needed to build resiliency will walk participants through a survey of current and possible future best practices to address this.
Anthony Marinello
South Cook ISC 4
175.00     Time:   9:00AM to 3:00PM