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NWEA c2: MAP Growth Data Coaching and Strategic Planning 5 of 5
Jun 09, 2020
Administrative/Teacher Leadership
The purpose of this workshop is to apply Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) growth data in data conversations and goal setting to improve student learning. The use of MAP growth data will be fostered through a variety of data conversation tools; identifying both strengths and areas for growth, and looking at patterns at various levels including student, classroom, grade/content, school, or district. The activities in this workshop are designed to support learners in the interpretation and application of MAP data when talking about student growth over time, and to impact goals for school and district improvement plans. **SPECIAL DISCOUNT AVAILABLE: MAP Professional Learning Series: 5 sessions available for $950.
Cook South Staff
South Cook ISC 4
250.00     Time:   9:00AM to 4:00PM