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AA #1778: The Use of Restorative Practices in Schools
Apr 21, 2020
Administrative/Teacher Leadership
The Use of Restorative Practices in Schools provides participants effecive classroom/school management strategies, and appropriate disciplinary methods that promote positive and healthy school climates, which is a requirement of the new Illinois Discipline Legislation effective September 2016. Participants will learn Restorative Practices are multifaceted in nature and include: interventions when harm has happened, practices to prevent harm and conflict by building a sense of community, a sense of belonging, safety, and social responsibility in the school community. Participants will learn informal and formal restorative practices such as restorative questions, pro-active circles, and restorative conferences. Participants will gain the knowledge to develop a school or classroom discipline plan based on the principles of Restorative Practices, which meet the requirements of the Illinois Discipline Legislation.
Megan Fuciarelli
South Cook ISC 4
200.00     Time:   8:30AM to 3:30PM