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Short-Term Substitute Teaching Licenses
May 07, 2020
Common Core Standards and Instructional Strategies
Cook County school districts are searching for short-term substitute teachers. If you hold or plan to obtain a Short-Term Substitute (STS) license, we invite you to attend our training course for short-term substitutes. All short-term substitutes are required to complete a district-approved training prior to employment. This course satisfies the training requirement for many South Cook districts. Prior to registering for this course, please contact our licensure department for a list of districts who have approved this training, as it is not accepted at all South Cook districts. Our licensure specialists can also provide you with information on how to obtain a Short-Term Substitute license (60 semester hours or associate’s degree is required). Amount: $50.00 (Lunch will be provided)
Anthony Marinello
South Cook ISC 4
40.00     Time:   9:00AM to 1:00PM