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Unplugged Math: How to Differentiate Math Instruction Through Hands-On Centers K-2
Jul 22, 2020
Come and learn how to use everyday objects to make math manipulatives. These centers help teach and reinforce conceptual knowledge, problem-solving skills, and practice numeracy through small and whole group instruction. These centers are differentiated for all students. All supplies are included, discussions for guided math are presented, and plenty of time is provided for you to make your choices from too many to name. Standard 3 - Planning for Differentiated Instruction – The competent teacher plans and designs instruction based on content area knowledge, diverse student characteristics, student performance data, curriculum goals, and the community context. The teacher plans for ongoing student growth and achievement
Glory Jurich-Sarna
South Cook ISC 4
65.00     Time:   8:30AM to 11:30AM