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AA #988: Interpersonal and Team Communication Skills for School Administrators
Jun 16, 2021
Administrative/Teacher Leadership
The foundation of professional success lies in understanding yourself, understanding others and realizing the impact of personal behaviors on others. This course provides a non-judgmental language for exploring the different communication styles and behavioral issues across four primary dimensions. The content is designed to help improve communication and to ease frustration and conflict so school administrators and team leaders are more effective in their roles. A detailed Personal Profile Report wil be provided to each administrator. Prior to attending the academy, the administrator will complete a self-administered assessment over the web.The report from the assessment completion provides a non-bias view of the administrator's communication style, behaviors and a view of how others may see them. Cost includes $65.00 Self-Assessment Fee.
Management Resource Services
South Cook ISC 4
225.00     Time:   8:30AM to 3:30PM