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ONLINE AA#3782 Bargaining and Problem Solving using an Interest Based Approach
Sep 27, 2021
Presenter: Ralph Grimm & Patrick Durley The purpose of this academy will be to provide Administrators, Board Members and Association (Union) Members with an in-depth overview of the concepts included in the Interest-Based Bargaining method that can be used as problem-solving techniques as well. Specifically, the workshop will provide participants information on the three main components of Interest Based Bargaining: 1) Training, 2) "Communication Lab" and 3) Bargaining. The specific steps of Interest Based Bargaining will be explained as well as several techniques and strategies that can be used to facilitate the Interest-Based Approach. Outcomes: *Develop an in-depth working knowledge of the five steps that should be followed in an interest-based approach. *Develop an in-depth working knowledge of the techniques that are commonly used during an interest-based approach. *Practice using the techniques identified above with the appropriate step in the Interest-Based Approach in simulated bargaining or problem solving scenarios. *Develop an action plan based on a template provided that addresses a potential bargaining issue or to solve an existing problem. This course will be held virtually.
Ralph Grimm . . . Patrick Durley
South Cook ISC 4
210.00     Time:   8:30AM to 3:30PM