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Course Offerings

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     05815        11/02/2017   Title:  AA 1414: Communicating With Staff Regarding Performance Assessment

     05824        11/08/2017   Title:  AA 1843: Identification, Evaluation and Interventions for Students with ADD/ADHD

     05826        09/11/2017   Title:  ONLINE BOOK STUDY: The Growth Mindset Coach: A Teacher's Month-By-Month Handbook

     05848        09/29/2017   Title:  Sql Server For School Data

     05868        10/25/2017   Title:  AA 1245-Improving Teaching and Learning through Learning Walktrhoughs

     05877        10/03/2017   Title:  AA #837: Building Capacity to Integrate Drug & Violence Prevention Into the K-12 Curriculum

     05879        10/19/2017   Title:  How to Incorporate the New Social Science Standards into Your K-5 Day (FS)

     05900        09/28/2017   Title:  AA: #1055 - Classroom Instruction that Works

     05901        10/24/2017   Title:  Mental Health First Aid for Grades 7-12

     05906        10/18/2017   Title:  Project Learning Tree-Environmental Applications of STEM in the Classroom

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