Assistant Principal

Website Brookwood Middle School


Glenwood, Illinois




POSITION: Assistant Principal


QUALIFICATIONS: 1.  A Master’s Degree, with a major in Educational Administration


  1. A valid State Certificate to practice as a school principal


  1. At least two years experience as a teacher


REPORTS TO: Principal


SUPERVISES: Teaching staff, teacher aides, office staff, custodial, cafeteria 

personnel, and any other staff assigned to the building.


JOB FUNCTION: To assist the principal in organizing, administering, supervising 

and evaluating the educational performances in the building





  • Assume responsibilities for all matters of an administrative nature including decision making processes that must be carried out as the need arises, in the absence of the Principal.
  • Assist the Principal in new teacher orientation and follow-up work during the year.
  • Assume partial responsibility for student discipline when time is available based on teaching schedule.
  • Assume the role of supervisor of school buses and related school bus problems.  The Assistant Principal will function as a liaison person for bus drivers and bus supervisors to come to when problems arise.
  • Assist in preparing faculty meetings and planning in-service sessions with the Principal.
  • Assist in providing an additional administrative source for teachers and students to turn to, in the event the Principal is busy or unavailable.
  • Assist in the general maintenance and repair of the buildings, reporting areas of need to the Principal and appropriate custodial personnel.
  • Assist in directing student activities both curricular and extra-curricular.  Work with the various student clubs and organizations, and likewise share with the Principal, responsible supervision for all after school and night activities.
  • Assist in keeping the Principal, Superintendent, and Board of Education aware of all educational activities and incidents that occur in the building.
  • Assist the school nurse and school secretaries in caring for sick and/or injured students.
  • Assist the Principal in the establishment of the master school schedule.
  • Assist in the distribution of supplies and coordinating their purchase.
  • Orientate substitute teachers to their duties and responsibilities as well as going over the daily lesson plans left by the regular teacher.
  • Assist the Principal in conferences with parents.
  • Assist the Principal in supervising the school lunch program.
  • Assist in communication with other elementary school buildings, other districts, and other communities.
  • Assist in dealing with attendance problems, truancies, etc.
  • Assist in hallway supervision in the morning, noon, and after school.
  • Understand the ADA, IDEA, and State mandates regarding student and parent due process.
  • Administer district at-risk programs as they relate to this job to provide for safe working and learning conditions, providing for both physical safety and environmentally safe conditions to work in and learn.
  • Maintain security and confidentiality or records, tests, and other items relating to students and staff.
  • Provide for the safety and security of any and all students should a dangerous situation arise.
  • Follows universal precautions in accordance with OSHA standards.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Principal and/or Superintendent.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Ten, eleven, or twelve month year – salary, fringe benefits

and work year to be established by the Board.


EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in 

accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on

Evaluation of Professional Personnel.


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