Bilingual Language Arts Teacher

Website Central Stickney School District #110/Charles J. Sahs School

This position is a Bilingual ELA teacher for 6-8th grades under the general supervision of the School Principal, to develop students’ skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing, foster communication skills, develop an understanding and appreciation of literature, motivate students to read a wide variety of publications, comprehend the reading materials, and to promote the development of skills in grammar and syntax. This position will also provide bilingual interventions to individuals or small groups of students in various grade levels. 


 Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL)

  • BSPA K-8 Endorsement (Bilingual Education Teacher)
  • LA Language Arts Grades 5-8

Essential Functions

  • All certified staff are expected to support the Board of Education goals, objectives, policies and School Code of the State of Illinois.
  • All certified staff are expected to follow the rules and regulations stated in the Teacher’s Handbook
  • All special subject area certified staff will follow rules and regulations governing job placement with modifications as mutually consented by the teacher and Superintendent. Specificity of assignments may vary on a yearly basis according to the needs of the district.
  • Administer the classroom and its program and provide leadership for pupils in developing cognitive, effective, and psychomotor skills.
  • Facilitate learning according to the school district’s curriculum guide.
  • Reinforce age-appropriate, positive, social and cultural development in students.
  • Provide time, instruction and materials appropriate to individual needs.
  • Articulate with teachers in grades preceding and following the class to which the teacher is presently assigned to ensure a smooth transition for students.
  • Provide guidance to pupils which will promote their welfare and proper educational development.
  • Maintain adequate and careful records as required by the Principal and/or Superintendent.
  • Participate in such staff meeting and in-service meetings as are scheduled for teachers.
  • Report to the parents regularly the progress and adjustment of pupils.
  • Work with all special subject and special service teachers as well as work with all non-certified personnel serving the school.
  • Develop reasonable rules of classroom behavior and procedure and maintain discipline in a fair and just manner in compliance with policies, rules and regulations.
  • Use a variety of learning materials and instructional devices to meet the needs of students and employ a range of effective teaching techniques.
  • Use multiple means to evaluate pupil progress.
  • Regard teaching as a professional career requiring constant renewal of ideas and techniques.
  • Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned and as allowed in the negotiated agreement..

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