Building Secretary

Website Longwood Elementary


Glenwood, Illinois




POSITION: Building Secretary


QUALIFICATIONS: 1.  High School diploma


  1. Typing proficiency


  1. Moderate dictation skills desired.


  1. Proficiency in the utilization of computer skills.


  1. Knowledge of modern office practices, procedures, and equipment.


  1. Two years experience as a secretary is desirable.


  1. Additional qualifications as the Board may find necessary and 



REPORTS TO: Building Principal


JOB FUNCTION: To assure the smooth and efficient operation of the school office so that 

the office’s maximum impact on the education of children can be realized.




  • Responsible for the effective and efficient operation of the school office which includes:  good telephone etiquette, routing building communications, general office routine and maintaining positive public relations.
  • Maintains student records as will be required, including the utilization of the computer and PowerSchool software program for student records.
  • Receives and routes incoming calls.
  • Maintains a daily teacher and substitute teacher attendance log.
  • Assists teachers in preparing instructional materials as deemed necessary by the Building Principal.
  • Processes all changes and adjustments in student schedules at the discretion of the Building Principal.
  • Prepares written communications and reports assigned by the Building Principal utilizing the computer and word processing software.
  • Maintains accurate records pertaining to student activity funds and other money collections items.
  • Responsible for processing of materials and supplies.
  • Administer district at-risk programs as they relate to this job to provide for safe working and learning conditions providing for both physical safety and environmentally safe conditions to work in and learn.
  • Maintains security for all records.  Provides for secure placement of such records when away from the work site.
  • Maintains security of the building by securing doors and windows.  Activates security system when last to leave the work site, if applicable.
  • Administers first aid in accordance with established first aid and OSHA standards.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Principal and/or Superintendent.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Eleven-month work year.  Salary, fringe benefits and work year to

be determined by contractual agreement.


EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance 

with provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Educational

Support Personnel/negotiated agreement.




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