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Glenwood, Illinois




POSITION: Custodian


QUALIFICATIONS: 1.  Demonstrated competence for successful fulfillment of assigned

    performance responsibilities.


  1. Experience desirable.


REPORTS TO: Director of Building and Grounds/Building Principal


JOB FUNCTION: To provide students with a safe, attractive, comfortable, clean, and 

efficient place in which to learn, play and develop.




  • Keep building and premises, including sidewalks, driveways, and play areas, neat and clean at all times.
  • Regulates heat, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to provide temperatures appropriate to the season and to insure economical usage of fuel, water, and electricity.
  • Assists with the grass cutting and snow removal as necessary to maintain the school grounds in a safe condition.
  • Checks daily to ensure that all exit doors are open and all panic bolts are working properly during the hours of building occupancy.
  • Responsible for raising the United States Flag at or before 8:00 a.m. on each school day and lowering it at or after 3:30 p.m. where applicable.
  • Delivers mail to the Central Office, picks up mail for individual buildings and also picks up cleaning supplies and packages for their school buildings.
  • Makes minor repairs as needed.
  • Reports major repairs needed promptly to the Director of Buildings and Grounds and the Building Principal.
  • Reports immediately to the Director of Buildings and Grounds and the Building Principal any damage to school property.
  • Remains on the school premises during working hours.
  • Keeps areas locked that need to be (electrical breaker boxes, fire alarm panel, storage areas, kitchen and pantries, etc.).
  • Keeps an inventory of supplies, equipment, and requisitions and requests needed replacements from the Director of Buildings and Grounds far enough in advance so that they may be delivered in such time as will not hinder the custodian in his/her duties.
  • Conducts an ongoing program of general maintenance, upkeep, and repair.
  • Moves furniture or equipment within building as required for various activities and as directed by the Principal.
  • Complies with local laws and procedures for the storage and disposal of trash, rubbish, and waste.
  • Conducts periodic inspections of building and grounds (playground equipment) and all emergency equipment to ensure proper operating condition.
  • Keeps own uniform laundered and cleaned.
  • Maintains security of the building by securing doors and windows and activating the security system upon closure of the building for the day and/or night.
  • Administer district at-risk programs as they relate to this job to provide for safe working and learning conditions providing for both physical safety and environmentally safe conditions to work in and learn.
  • All procedures will be conducted in accordance with OSHA standards.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Director of Buildings and Grounds, Principal, and/or Superintendent.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: 12 months – salary, fringe benefits and work year to be 

established by the Board of Education.


EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in 

accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on 

Evaluation of Educational Support Personnel/negotiated 



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