Educational Media Clerk-Middle School

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Educational Media Clerk

  • Position Type:
      Support Staff/Educational Media Clerk
  • Date Posted:
  • Location:
      Chicago Heights Middle School
  • Date Available:
      FY 24-25






TITLE:                            Educational Media Clerk


QUALIFICATIONS:        Preferred candidate will hold a valid PEL (Public Educator License), Substitute license, or be a retired teacher with an inactive PEL. (Licensure is not a MANDATORY qualification.)


JOB SUMMARY:            To provide a well organized, smoothly functioning library environment in which teachers and students can take full advantage of available resources.


REPORTS TO:               Principal, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment, and other Central Office Administrators


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:    Salary based on Chicago Heights School District 170 and American Federation of Teachers, AFT Local 604, Chicago Heights Council contractual agreement.


PENSION SYSTEM:                IMRF




1.    Establish and implement library policies and procedures.


2.    Develop and manage convenient, accessible library and information services.


3.    Assist teachers upon request in compiling materials for special study units.


4.    Prepare current magazines for shelving.


5.    Provide instruction to students on keyboarding and other media-related lessons.


6.    Complete an annual inventory of library materials.


7.    Help students locate reference materials and other instructional materials.


8.    Must possess effective communication skills with a variety of stakeholders.


9.    Perform other related tasks as assigned by the principal.

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