Student Services Coordinator

Website Central Stickney School District #110/Charles J. Sahs School

Under the general supervision of the Superintendent of Schools, to implement, administer and maintain the school district’s pupil service programs and services including the areas of special education, social work, preschool, after school activities, and summer school in conformance with district policies and state objectives; as well as applicable law to promote a school environment conducive to individualized instruction, cooperative curriculum development, and student learning. To provide leadership in program development and improvement, as well as in professional staff development in all pupil services areas.


  • Type 75 Administrative Certification
  • LBS1-Teaching Certification in special education.
  • Director of Special Education Certification (preferred but not required)
  • Experience in administration and supervision preferred
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in special education instruction and/or administration

Essential Functions

  • Support and act in accordance with all Central Stickney SD #110 Board goals, objectives and policies, The School Code of Illinois, and other federal and state laws.
  • Assume appropriate role as supervisor, consultant, and educator.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of students’ needs, including but not limited to educational, medical, physical, sensory speech/language, recreational, vocational, etc., as established by a multi-disciplinary team and implement as needed.
  • Serve as a facilitator for all special education personnel, including related service staff.
  • Provide consultation to regular and special education teachers and support staff regarding specific student needs, i.e. technical assistance, behavior management, learning styles, etc.
  • Design and implement staff development activities appropriate to regular and special education staff as determined by the district’s needs assessment process.
  • Develop and maintain special education student records and files.
  • Submit legally and financially required reports in support of special education programming.
  • Access community resources when appropriate for individual students and their families.
  • Manage all after school programs.
  • Annually update Student and Athletic Handbooks.
  • Secure  and manage instructional substitutes throughout the year.
  • Coordinate and supervise Summer School.
  • Develop and maintain 504 Plans as required by law.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality regarding all matters pertaining to students and personnel.
  • Demonstrate effective organizational skills, time management, and flexibility in order to meet staff and students needs.
  • Ability to attend work regularly and punctually and complete duties in a timely manner
  • Assist the Superintendent to analyze and develop district programs for complete and effective continuum of services.
  • Assist the Superintendent to evaluate and facilitate change in district systems for the purpose of program improvement.
  • Provide leadership in the development and implementation of appropriate pre-referral, screening referral, assessment, placement, and re-evaluation system.
  • Where appropriate, supervise and evaluate district staff, including evaluation for the purpose of instructional improvement.
  • Provide instructional leadership to special education teachers regarding methods and materials for individual students.
  • Assume responsibility for continued professional growth including but not limited to required participation in the Illinois Administrators Academy.
  • Assist in the development and maintenance of program budgets.
  • Establish clear lines of communication with parents and staff regarding school goals, accomplishments, practices, and policies.
  • Work directly with all related service personnel as part of an integrated educational team.
  • Facilitate and participate in meetings required for review, development, and implementation of IEPs and assume responsibility for insuring that all IEP components are in place.
  • Coordinate efforts with special education and regular education staff to implement mainstreaming activities as appropriate for students.
  • Assist district personnel when transitioning students from one program to another.
  • Take responsibility for student discipline matters referred to the school office as directed by Principal.
  • Assume other responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent.

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