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Course Offerings

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     06085        10/01/2018   Title:  5942: New Liaison Training for McKinney-Vento (PD)

     06118        10/25/2018   Title:  AA 1534: Ethics and Decision-Making for Educators

     06120        08/02/2018   Title:  AA 1864: Educator Expectations and Student Performance

     06132        11/29/2018   Title:  AA 1231: School Security: A Proactive and Holistic Approach

     06184        07/31/2018   Title:  AA 1118: The Law as it Relates to the Rights, Employment, Retention and Dismissal of Teachers

     06191        09/26/2018   Title:  Formative Assessment of English Language Progress

     06204        01/24/2019   Title:  AA#1514 Building a Resilience Program for At-Risk Students.

     06207        08/14/2018   Title:  Trauma Informed Classrooms (FS)

     06209        08/09/2018   Title:  The New Illinois Social Science Standards (FS)

     06211        08/06/2018   Title:  AA# 1448: Teacher Evaluator Competency Skill Building for Pre-Qualified Teacher Evaluators

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