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Course Offerings

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     05815        11/02/2017   Title:  AA 1414: Communicating With Staff Regarding Performance Assessment

     05824        11/08/2017   Title:  AA 1843: Identification, Evaluation and Interventions for Students with ADD/ADHD

     05868        10/26/2017   Title:  AA 1245-Improving Teaching and Learning through Learning Walk throughs

     05901        10/24/2017   Title:  Mental Health First Aid for Grades 7-12

     05922        10/25/2017   Title:  "There's an "E" in STEM!" Introduction to Engineering and the Engineering Design Process in the 3-8

     05945        01/18/2018   Title:  AA 1115: Building Trusting Relationships with At-Risk Students

     05949        05/10/2018   Title:  AA:1573 Supporting New Teachers Through High Quality Induction and Mentoring Programs

     05956        01/30/2018   Title:  AA1355: Leading Major Change in Education: What the Beatles Can Teach Us

     05957        02/27/2018   Title:  AA 1118: The Law as it Relates to the Rights, Employment, Retention and Dismissal of Teachers

     05960        04/27/2018   Title:  AA # 1597: Improved Crisis Decision Making for Safer School Environments

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