District Spotlight

Members of District 194 working around a table.

District Spotlight: District 194

Steger Primary Center 

Steger Primary Center’s designation changed from targeted in 2022 to commendable in 2023. They were able to exit school improvement status early. 

Steger School District shows progress in:

 ELA growth from 41.8% in 2022 to 58.2% in 2023

ELA proficiency from 14.3% in 2022 to 25.9% in 2023

Chronic absenteeism- 43.4% in 2022 to 32.1% in 2023


Steger Intermediate Center 

We continue our Commendable designation. We are proud of our designation this year and have much to celebrate. 

Our ELA 2023 student growth percentile exceeded our 2022 percentile by 11% and exceeded our pre-pandemic 2019 growth by 10%.  Nationwide, students’ academic growth slowed considerably during the pandemic. SIC’s academic growth last school year exceeded pre-pandemic levels. In 2019, SIC’s ELA growth was in the 44 percentile of all schools in Illinois. In 2022, SIC’s ELA growth was in the 43 percentile. In 2023, SIC’s ELA growth was in the 54th percentile! 

Our 2023 ELA proficiency exceeded 2019 pre-COVID percentiles from 19.3% to 22.6% of students meeting or exceeding grade level on the IAR.

2022 Chronic absenteeism 47.6% to 2023 27.6%!!


Columbia Central 

ELA Proficiency 

Our ELA proficiency scores as well as our ELA growth are on an upward trend. Our 2023 proficiency data shows that 3 of our grade levels have exceeded 2019 pre-pandemic proficiency scores in ELA. Our 2023 ELA proficiency data in all 4 grade levels exceeded our 2022 proficiency. 

*Columbia Central is catching up to the state percent of students meeting or exceeding


ELA Growth 

2023 ELA Columbia Central experienced accelerated growth In 2023, 59.1%


Powerpoint – school board presentation 

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