Yearly Compliance

Annual Building Inspection

All public school buildings and school-related buildings, including temporary/mobile classrooms, in the South Cook region are inspected annually to assure compliance with the standards necessary to ensure the health and safety of public school students in Illinois. Trained and experienced representatives from the South Cook Health/Life Safety team visit each school in the South Cook region every year to carry out the Health/Life Safety requirements mandated in the Illinois School Code. 

Threat Assessment

Each school district must implement a threat assessment procedure that may be part of a school board policy on targeted school violence prevention. Prior to the start of each school year, South Cook school districts must submit the Threat Assessment Procedures and a list of identifying team members with South Cook ISC and the local law enforcement agency.

Annual Review/Crisis Plan

Each school (public and non-public), through its school board or the board’s designee shall conduct a minimum of one annual meeting at which it will review each school building’s emergency and crisis response plans, protocols, and procedures and each building’s compliance with the school safety drill programs. The purpose of this annual review shall be to review and update the emergency and crisis response plans, protocols and procedures, and the school safety drill programs.

Safety Drill

Schools must conduct a minimum of 3 school evacuation drills to address and prepare students and school personnel for fire incidents during each academic year.