Administrator Academy

Administrator Academy

Any licensee who holds a Professional Educator License (PEL) endorsed in an administrative field who is working in a position that requires this credential for 50% or more Full-Time Equivalency (FTE) is required to complete one Administrator Academy (AA) per fiscal year in addition to 100 hours of Professional Development (PD) per 5-year renewal cycle. If an AA has not been completed by June 30th of each fiscal year, an additional AA will be required for that fiscal year.

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PERA Training

To determine if an individual is qualified to conduct teacher or principal performance evaluations, please refer to the Teacher and Principal Performance Evaluation Qualifications guidance document.

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How to create an AA
Explanation of in-district AA

Hosting an Off-site Administrator Academy

Step 1:

Contact us at at least 30 days prior to the course run date with the following information:

  • AA #
  • AA Name
  • Workshop Session Start Date
  • Presenter Name(s)
    • Approved courses may require a specific presenter. South Cook ISC will advise you if a specific presenter is needed for pre-approved academies. It is the offering entity’s responsibility to contract with the academy’s approved presenter or, if no specific presenter is necessary, to contract with a presenter who has relevant expertise in the field.
  • Location
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Phone Number

These details are required to add the course listing to the Illinois Administrator Academy Management System (IAAMS).

Step 2:

South Cook ISC will then create a contract with the guidelines and the cost to host the academy.

Once this contract has been returned to us, South Cook ISC will add the course to the Illinois Administrator Academy Management System (IAAMS).

Step 3:

Host the course.

You will be responsible for maintaining a master sign in/sign out sheet for your participants and for handing out and collecting any documents included with the contract.

Step 4:

After completion of the AA, return the following as promptly as possible so that the participants’ credits may be recorded:

  • A check for $300 plus $15 per participant
  • Copy of class sign in/sign out sheet
  • Individual sign in sheets
  • Application/Dissemination form

Step 5:

The data will be added to IAAMS. Once the credits are posted, your district will be notified via email.

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