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RISE Locations

Worth Campus:
11218 S. Ridgeland Ave.
Worth, IL 60482
(708) 671-0935

Chicago Heights Campus:
405 Ashland Avenue
Chicago Heights, IL 60411
(708) 756-2834

Our program options:

Request for Enrollment

The RISE program serves students in grades 6-12 who are eligible for suspension or expulsion, or who have been suspended or are eligible for expulsion due to gross misconduct. In addition, the RISE program offers additional programs for short-term and credit recovery based upon the individual needs of the student. The following programming options are available:

Long-Term Program

RISE is an alternative school program for disruptive youth in grades 6-12 within the educational service region of South Suburban Cook County. Length of placement is one full semester.

Short-term Program

The RISE Short-Term program serves students in grades 6-12 and is designed to reset a student’s learning experience; the Short-Term Program may be used as an alternative to out of school suspension, allowing students to continue their education. Short term is 3-25 days, unless otherwise determined by RISE/home school.

Credit Recovery Program

The RISE Credit Recovery program is designed for students in grades 10-12 with severe credit deficiencies.

Once you have determined that one of the RISE programs may be an appropriate placement for your student, a request for intake must be submitted through our RISE Intake System. All RISE intakes must be completed and submitted electronically via our RISE Intake System

RISE intake documentation

Required Documentation

Following is a list of additional documents that will need to be submitted before an intake meeting can be scheduled:

A program agreement signed by the district superintendent (may be on file)

  • Parent release of information. This form must be signed by the student’s parent/legal guardian before the district can release any information regarding the student RISE program
  • Copy of student’s most current physical including immunization record
  • Student Attendance Record
  • Copy of free and reduced lunch form
  • Complete student discipline history, including all anecdotal records and discipline forms
  • Complete academic information
  • Expulsion hearing letter, if applicable

Upon submission to the RISE Intake System and when all of the above information has been received and reviewed by the RISE staff, an intake coordinator will set up an intake meeting. A district representative must attend the intake meeting along with the student and the student’s parent/guardian.

We look forward to a meaningful, collaborative partnership with you. As always, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know at riseintake@s-cook.org