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Once you hold a Professional Educator License (PEL) or Educator License with Stipulations (ELS) endorsed in a teaching field, you may add additional content area endorsements. These endorsements can be added at any grade level even if the foundational teaching endorsement on the PEL is a different grade range. The PEL serves as a foundation to which any teaching endorsement can be added after applicable coursework and testing are completed.

Frequently asked questions:

A: To have your transcripts reviewed, you must log in to your ELIS account and apply for the endorsement you are seeking. A $50 application fee is required per endorsement. ISBE will not review transcripts or coursework without an application.

A: No, the test can be taken at any time. Please see the Illinois Licensure Testing System for a complete list of content area tests and available study guides.

A: Yes, in order to teach a subject area, the endorsement is required.

A: Courses that are on ISBE’s list of approved coursework have been pre-approved. If you have an open application with a deficiency and want to take a course that is NOT on the approved lists, then you may submit a course preapproval request to ISBE for a maximum of three courses per endorsement application. 

A: If you do not pass a content area test, you may retake the test an unlimited number of times. However, there is a mandatory waiting period between retakes, which varies by test, and a new application fee will be required for each retake.

A: No, content tests are valid indefinitely.

A: Please send official transcripts electronically to South Cook ISC at licensure@s-cook.org. Official transcripts may not be forwarded by the student. 

A: Processing times vary, but on average, an endorsement review takes 2-3 months from the date of your application. If you do not have transcripts on file with ISBE, your application cannot be reviewed.

A: Employment is handled by individual districts, applications can be found on their district website. 

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