Educator Spotlight

Educator Spotlight: Amy Lewis

At Wentworth Junior High, Amy has been working with teachers across all grades and content areas to increase rigor and improve reading skills. In her ELA Team work, Amy has led data talks synthesizing STAR and IAR data to both inform and adapt instruction in new ways. ELA teachers have worked vertically and within their grade level teams to align graphic organizers, strengthen writing units, and differentiate for all levels of learners. The sixth-grade team has collaborated with Amy to improve their CHAMPS protocols to increase student engagement and positive learning environments. Within her coaching cycles, Amy has worked with individual teachers to adapt learning materials to meet the varied needs of District 155 students, resulting in exceptional growth in standard mastery in each cycle. Amy is currently working with the Science team to pilot a new curriculum that aligns to NGSS standards.


At Barack Obama Learning Academy, Amy spent the first half of the school year working with the third and sixth grade ELA and Math teachers and increasing student participation and interaction. In their coaching cycles they worked to sharpen small group instruction, respond to real-time student data from regular district assessments, and implement CHAMPS to increase time on task. She also demonstrated how to incorporate higher level questioning and infuse more student engagement opportunities through co-teaching and micro modeling. Amy also co-taught custom lessons with teachers to expose students to the rigor expected of them on state assessments. She is currently working with the second grade teaching team to prepare students for their transition to the middle grades next year, as well as with the first grade teachers to most effectively utilize instructional time to solidify students’ foundational skills.