Educator Spotlight

Educator Spotlight: Brian Hurley

At Summit 104, Brian’s impactful work extended across grade levels and subjects. With the 3rd-grade teachers, he spearheaded the integration of a new math curriculum, ensuring its seamless incorporation into their lesson plans. Brian went further by developing a tailored tool that enabled teachers to effectively utilize the new math resources to target the district’s priority standards, aligning instruction with educational goals. Moreover, Brian provided invaluable support to middle school ELA teachers by introducing and guiding the implementation of small group and collaborative team strategies. These initiatives not only enhanced the rigor of lessons but also fostered an active classroom environment, encouraging student movement and engagement. Brian’s multi-faceted contributions at Summit 104 have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on both teachers and students, elevating the quality of education across the school.


At SPEED 802, Brian’s collaboration with Early Learning Center teachers resulted in the development of effective ELA and math routines that maximized district resources and significantly enhanced students’ academic skills. Beyond this, Brian extended his support to middle and high school teachers in the Program for Adaptive Learning, working closely to adapt lessons and materials to meet the diverse and unique learning needs of their students. By fostering a culture of innovation and personalized learning, Brian’s efforts have not only optimized educational resources but have also improved student outcomes across the district. His dedication to tailoring instruction to individual student needs underscores his commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment at SPEED 802.