Educator Spotlight

Educator Spotlight: Melissa Santangelo

At Wentworth 155, Melissa has significantly enhanced student learning in 2nd-grade and Kindergarten through her coaching cycles. By analyzing STAR Reports data, she established team goals and supported teachers in integrating literacy centers, grouping students by reading levels, and creating guided reading schedules. Melissa provided hands-on support by modeling activities, conducting inventories for materials, and collaborating with administrators weekly for SIP day planning. Her participation in training sessions for Wilson Staff on student-centered coaching and phonics curriculum adaptation, along with her role in the Student Leadership Team, demonstrates her commitment to school-wide improvement. Melissa’s comprehensive approach has not only empowered teachers with resources and strategies but has also fostered a culture of collaboration and growth at Wentworth 155. Her dedication and expertise have been instrumental in creating a more enriching educational environment for students, with measurable improvements in literacy outcomes.


At Hoover-Schrum 157, Melissa is currently engaged in two student-centered coaching cycles with 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade math teachers, collaborating to set individual goals using data to enhance student learning. Together, they are creating purposeful lessons and differentiating instruction within small groups. Melissa’s involvement extends to co-teaching and working directly with small groups of students in each classroom. In her role, she meets weekly with administrators to provide progress updates on the ongoing cycles. Additionally, Melissa has taken on the responsibility of generating ideas for the upcoming Family Math Night in April, showcasing her dedication to fostering community engagement and enriching math education beyond the classroom.