Glenn Edward Burleigh

Glen Burleigh

Born July 5, 1949, in Guthrie, Logan County, Oklahoma, he was a son of Rev. Nathaniel and Iona Burleigh.
He studied piano at the University of Oklahoma and at Oklahoma City University. He coached with James Mathis (former professor of piano at the University of Oklahoma and student of Rosina Lhevinne of the Juilliard School). He served as principal accompanist and Assistant Music Director for Lyric Theater of Oklahoma, and accompanist for the School of Dance at the University of Oklahoma.
Mr. Burleigh accompanied the Ebony Opera Guild of Houston, TX, and studied accompanying with its late music director, Dr. Robert Henry. He also studied and performed the Saint Saens Piano Concerto No 2 in a Master Class with Pianist, Jaen Cassadesus.
In 1993, Mr. Burleigh founded the Glenn Burleigh Music Workshop and Ministry, Inc., an organization that is dedicated to teaching and training of those in Christian music ministry.
Many of his musical compositions are on file at the Center for Black Music Research at Columbia College in Chicago and at the American Music Center in New York City. He has over 100 works copyrighted in the Library of Congress.