Special Education Teacher – Grades 3-5 Instructional

Website Burbank School District 111

Instruct pupils in subject matter areas such as reading, language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, and health
• Adapt the adopted curriculum, program instruction guidelines, and instructional materials in meeting the educational needs of individual students
• Utilize a variety of methodology in teaching and instructing pupils, including remedial instruction, demonstration, and activity participation
• Instruct students in citizenship and in the development of social skills
• Prepare, develop, and utilize a variety of instructional materials and aids appropriate to the instructional level of pupils with a wide range of mental, physical, and emotional maturity
• Review, analyze, and evaluate the history, background, and assessment of pupils in designing an educational program to meet individual educational needs
• Provide individual and group instruction in order to properly motivate pupils and to effectively utilize the time available for instruction
• Establish and maintain standards of student behavior utilizing behavior management strategies and techniques, including behavior modification, reinforcement, and other positive behavior shaping processes
• Review, analyze, and evaluate pupil academic and social growth
• Counsel, confer, and communicate with parents, school and District personnel regarding pupil progress, and in the interpretation of the educational program
• Participate in Multidisciplinary Individual Education Planning (IEP) meetings to assist in the development of positive interventions and objectives to assist children with academic, social and emotional/behavioral problems
• Work cooperatively with the IEP Team in assessing pupil needs and learning deficiencies, and develop alternative solutions to remediate pupil learning problems

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