Math Bowl

Math Bowl

South Cook ISC, in partnership with Prairie Hill School District 144, are honored to sponsor and host the South Cook Math Bowl.
The 2022 South Cook Regional Math Bowl is being held at Prairie State College. This competition is open to students in grades 1 – 8. The Math Bowl will be held on two (2) consecutive days with Divisions C and D (Grades 5-8) competing on Thursday, April 28th and Divisions A and B (Grades 1-4) competing on Friday, April 29th . Prairie-Hills Elementary School District 144 will be coordinating the Math Bowl and it is generously being funded by Crystal Financial Consultants, Inc., Alliant/Mesirow Insurance Services and Mesirow Financial, Inc.

Key dates
  • Friday, January 13th Initial Application and fees are due.
  • Thursday, February 23rd Team Entry Form and team pictures are due.  (PLEASE  NOTE:  No applications will be received after this date!)
  • Friday, March 24th– Mandatory Organizational Meeting at Prairie-Hills Elementary School District 144
  • Thursday, April 27th– Competition for Divisions C and D  (5th through 8th grade)
  • Friday, April 28th– Competition for Divisions A and B  (1st through 4th grade)


Any public, private or home schooled students within the service areas of the ISCs can participate in the annual Math Bowl. Each district will need to complete an initial application, which includes the name and email address of the designated District Contact person and the number of teams that will be competing. This form must be submitted no later than Friday, January 13thThe fee is $75 per division team and should be included with the Initial Application.   Checks should be made out to Prairie-Hills Elementary School District 144.   

A team entry application is also required which includes the names and grades of the students that are participating. The team entry application must be received by Thursday, February 23rd.  

Districts are limited to one team per division

And each team has four members. All divisions must include two representatives from each grade level. The team divisions are:

Competition description

The competition consists of four events – two are individual events and two are team events.  The team events for all divisions will include various Math Olympiad/algebraic problems and balance puzzles for Part A, a KenKen puzzle, logic puzzles, and visual patterns for Part B.   The students will be allowed to separate the packets for the team events.  Each group must discuss and answer the problems as a team. 

Questions for mental math, grade level events and team events will be aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards (CCSS).   All areas of mathematics will be covered. For more information: 2023 Math Bowl Description of Events

Competition Schedule
  • Registration Check-In: 8:00 AM
  • Registration Closes: 8:45 AM
  • Competition: 9:00-11:40
    • Teams arriving after 8:45 will not be able to participate in the individual events. 
  • Lunch/Entertainment: 11:45-1:00 PM
  • Awards Ceremony: 1:15 PM
Proctors and Runners:

Each district must supply two (2) adults to serve as proctors, runners and scorers.  The names of the adult volunteers must be submitted at the time of registration for the 2023 South Cook Math Bowl.

Competition Scoring & Awards

Scoring: Grade Level Awards

Points earned by each participant on the individual events are tabulated to determine the top individual scorers at each grade level.

Scoring: Team Awards

Team rankings will be tabulated by totaling the scores for the two team events, only. Individual scores will not be included in tabulating the team scores (unless there is a need for a tie breaker).


There will be medals awarded to the top six (6) scoring students in each grade level. Plaques will also be awarded to the top six (6) teams in each of the four (4) divisions.

  •  All supplies necessary for the competition will be provided for students.
  • Calculators, compasses, rulers, etc. are not allowed.
  • No help may be given to students once they are seated in their assigned rooms.
  • No contact should be made with the students from district personnel unless requested by Math Bowl personnel.

We are asking each district to select a District MVP; one for each of the two days of the Math Bowl. If your district is not participating at all levels, please choose one student for the day(s) you are competing. It is our goal that every district send someone to the stage for recognition on the day(s) that they are participating. These students should be chosen based on the criteria below. Please bring the names of your MVP, Senior Level (Thursday) and Junior Level (Friday) winners to the March 24th meeting.
Excels in Math Exhibits Leadership Qualities Positive
Sportsmanship/Attitude Good Role Model for Other Team Player


Lunch will be served for all student team members and the adult volunteers from each district. Additional lunches can be ordered for one-to-one staff members. Please request the number of additional lunches needed when you register. Additional lunches may be ordered at the cost provided by the caterer.

Students with allergies (peanuts) and special dietary needs must bring their own lunch and snacks. Special lunch requests (i.e. gluten free, peanut free, etc.) and snacks will not be provided! Please have the student bring his/her lunch and carry his/her lunch with them to the classroom. However, please make sure that the Math Bowl staff are aware of these situations at the mandatory informational meetings and when the staff supervisor checks in the students at the Math Bowl!


The Awards Ceremony will take place in the Auditorium at 1:15 p.m. Depending on the COVID data and the amount of districts participating in this event, each student participant will be given two (2) entry tickets for the their parent(s) / guardian(s) for the Awards Ceremony and each district will receive two (2) additional tickets for special guests (i.e. Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent). This will entitle each student to have two (2) family guest members and two (2) district guest members to attend the Awards Ceremony. The tickets will be given to the contact person at the mandatory meeting in April. Guests are welcome to join us for the entertainment, beginning at 12:15 p.m. (which will also take place in the auditorium prior to the awards presentation).


Please direct questions or comments to Mr. Milton Leathers at ( and “cc” Ms. Akta Naik ( or call (708) 210-2888.